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Geographic Information Systems

Our GIS process includes breaking up all the land in the development envelope into three main categories based on size and location.  We classify these deals by size as Small Ball (50 to 300 units), Mid Ball (300 - 1,000 units) and Big Ball ( greater then 1,000 units).  They have additionally been broken down by location ratings of A, B and C.


So based on your needs we can go after any size deals refined by location.  ResDev has found that we can be a complement to your land acquisition efforts in helping build your project portfolios.  We often see that your in-house teams are busy handling the legacy assets and looking over the new opportunities that are being presented and not having time to invest in the technology that produces these organically grown new land deals by target size and location.

Acquistion Goals

Let us know if there is an interest in using our research and technology either in a proactive or reactive way in helping with your acquisition goals.