Land Development


With any venture worth undertaking, relationships play an integral role in how effectively you accomplish your goals.  ResDev's relationships have been the catalyst for the success of all our development projects.

Strategic Partnerships

ResDev has formed strategic partnerships with the most experienced engineers, planners and land use attorneys across Florida that gives our seasoned development team the edge to guide each project through the complex entitlement process.



While relationships are important, no large project should be attempted without extensive preparation, competent evaluation, and adept negotiation. At ResDev, you can count on our experts to do comprehensive upfront due diligence and maintain that proficiency throughout the process. So no matter what issues arise, we are consistently equipped to handle every stage of the process with the foresight that comes with being prepared.



ResDev also relies on leading-edge technology. Using our advanced Geographical Information Systems (GIS), we consult digital imaging programs, comprehensive market data, and carefully constructed financial models to assess on the front end – the suitability of your property to meet our needs. This practice is vital for thorough land evaluation and project analysis in ensuring a smoother, faster process.