Land Owners



ResDev is a company that specializes in large residential communities. Our team has been involved in developing over 40 communities with more then 30,000 lots. Most of our projects have been in the Orlando and Tampa markets. This background uniquely qualifies us to assist you in understanding your lands potential as a large residential community.


 Residential development is a limited practice within the real estate asset classes and many firms that work within the major real estate classes of retail, office, industrial, hotel and resort have no or little background in residential community building. We have built deep relationships with the equity funds and family offices that are looking for these types of long-term investments and serve as their local operating partners. 

Builder Partners

 In addition to having the credentials get large scale projects approved and financed we also have a long history with every major builder in the market.  ResDev as been the leading provider of lots to our national builder friends for over two decades.

Deal Structures

 Every deal of this magnitude is structured differently from a cash sale, to a take out over a few years to a joint venture between landowner and developer.  

Land Value

 If you have ever been interested in exploring the potential value of your land as a large residential development, ResDev is ready to be a resource for whatever your goals maybe for your land. 


 We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the acquisition of your property. Simply reach out to us and we will give you a comprehensive analysis of your property.